Chefs On The Move…

Bruno Davillion, top toque at miX, has left the building to head the kitchen at The Mansion at Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas. Davillion becomes the second Las Vegas chef to take this position, previously held by John Tesar (who preceded Adam Sobel as RM’s executive sous chef under Rick Moonen).

Michael Mina pastry chef and James Beard Award nominee Sarah Kosikowski will soon depart our humble burg for the more foodie-centric environs of Chicago, Illinois (as opposed to Chicago, Delaware), where she will head up the pastry team at the Trump Hotel there.

ELV fears this slow and steady exodus of world-class talent from our better kitchens, may have a corrosive effect on our overall dining scene, as corporate bigwigs (and bean counters) figure to cut corners, and hope the dining out public doesn’t notice.

Eating Las Vegas will notice.

15 thoughts on “Chefs On The Move…

  1. Sigh. While I knew it would happen someday, I repeatedly denied the possibility of having to face the truth–that Sarah would leave Las Vegas and take her incredible pastry talents elsewhere. She judiciously carried out Mina’s style of “trios” in her desserts, yet showed her personality in each dish.

    Last May, she shared some of her talents with an audience of home bakers who were in Las Vegas for “Uncork’d”–and through the wonders of the internet, her lessons were shared with an even larger audience of home cooks interested in making restaurant quality pastries at home. Gracious, fun and classy.

    Good Luck Chef and we will miss you.

  2. ELV are you related to sarah or something????? god damn your head is so far up her ass it isnt even funny, she is nice and talented but nowhere near the level of ‘uber-chef’ i worked with her few years ago when she was just a cook, nothing special guy, nothing special!!!

  3. It shall be interesting to see what Chef Davillion does at the Mansion. Pretty big contrast to a place like Mix at a hotel like Mandalay Bay with a place like Mansion on Turtle Creek.

  4. Isn’t Turtle Creek the place where modern Southwestern cuisine was what made them famous? I like Bruno, nice guy, it just seems like an odd fit, he’s very classical french.

  5. Rob

    Yes, thats where Dean Fearing cooked for many years before leaving a couple of years ago to open up at the new Dallas Ritz-Carlton. After he left, Tesar came in and really revamped the menu. The Fearing fans didn’t really lose out cause all they had to do was travel the sort distance to the Ritz-Carlton. Of course, I think a lot of the old time Mansion clientelle weren’t happy with the changes. But such is life Will be intresting to see what he does there and how Dallas reacts to it.

  6. No big loss either way … I don’t think Bruno has touched a plate in years and Sarah who???????????

  7. exactly larry, MIX has been on a downward spiral since it opened. french-southwest fusion interesting but i dont think ill be headed to dallas to check it out!

    elv just like to pump up those who pump him up, pay for play i guess

  8. Actually Bruno was the most “hands-on” Executive Chef that I’ve worked with in Las Vegas.

  9. Hey, this is to ” has a clue” message. Your a jerk, if you thought Sarah was nice & talented, why would you say John has his head up her ass? John is a great food culinarian who appreciates her efforts. So you worked with her when she was a cook – obviously your head is up your ass to make assumptions based on what? It’s apparent that your threatened by her success. Sarah is one of the hardest working woman in pastry today. She has spent countless hours working on her creations. She has gone from a cook to an excellent pastry chef with perserverance and dedication. Google her name and see all the info that comes up on her accomplishments. She is accepting an amazing position in Chicago that she deserves. I know, I’m her Mom & if I met you before and shook your hand – you disgust me. You should be ashamed of your comments. I’m a chef and I worked three jobs to put her through culinary school.

  10. your heads up her ass too!!!!
    my comment was not a slight at her, it was a slight at ELV, who kisses her ass over and over (as he is a close freind or related to her, as i said in my comment) congrats to her and all her sucess. and your comments obviously confirm that she is freinds with him and he uses every chance to pump her up.
    and grow up lady, chefs get slammed over and over by critics or bloggers (yes this site is a blog) and if you can take it maybe you should go cry somewhere. i havent shaken your hand, dont plan on it and im not ashamed of my comments, i stand by them 150%

  11. @drwilliams: I think the clue clan’s most recent thoughtful insight has just said it all for you ;-)

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