FLEUR DE LYS – Small Plates, Big Flavor

Anyone who knows us, knows we can’t stand beets.

Any beets and all beets.

We loathe them because they taste like dirt.

Always have and always will.

But chefs love beets.

Because they’re cheap.

And they’re cheap because they taste like dirt.

But ya know what? We found ourselves gobbling down the above plate of beet-topped burrata like it was a fucking pepperoni pizza.

So top toque Steven Wolf must be doing something right.

That’s all we have to say.



In the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


8 thoughts on “FLEUR DE LYS – Small Plates, Big Flavor

  1. OK, sure. Out of the ground or out of a can, beets can taste nasty. But when cooked right, you can be surprised by what happens. And obviously you were, Mr. ELV. So congratulations, Fleur de Lys figured out a way to make you eat your beets. ;-)

  2. atdleft, perhaps Michelin didn’t appreciate the above dish as much as did ELV — or, in the parlance of poker players, a bad beet (sorry about that!)

  3. There are two foods in the world I will not eat. Beets, and buttermilk. But if Hubert Keller had something to do with a dish that included both ingredients I would gladly take the plunge.

  4. Larry-

    I guess… But I still don’t get why they’d turn down Fleur de Lys in favor of somewhere as mediocre as Mesa Grill? OK, so Bobby Flay knows how to cook well. That doesn’t mean he’s left his Vegas outpost in good hands.

  5. “And they’re cheap because they taste like dirt.”. Love it!!

    I’m with you. I don’t like the beets either. And I sure hope that skirt steak isn’t an entree. If that was all I got, I might be hungry enough after dinner to eat some of those beets.

  6. I’m also a Member of the We Hate Beets club. My Mother thought that serving canned beets with cottage cheese was a chi-chi salad in 1964. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now. And no amount of stinky, aged, artisanal cheese, crafted by the hands of a noted Chef, can even come close to enticing me to eat a beet. Never. Ever.

  7. how can you not like beets!!! ELV i recommend washing the dirt off before you attempt ingestion.
    beets used to be inexpensive-not so much these days, they have become trendy over the past 5 years, now there are several heirloom varietes demanding top dollar, which im sure is exactly what they are using at fleur de lys.
    even so, i wouldnt go!!! that place never really did it for me, i think at that price point there are several better choices out there for french food.

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