ELV took a couple of lawyers to lunch the other day. As usual, the line was out the door at Lotus of Siam, so we strolled across the parking lot to the nearly empty Komol Restaurant for our Thai food fix.

Komol has been around forever, and no one talks about it anymore, but the food was straight from the wok and fryer, done to a turn, and quite earthy and spicy — all of which made us regret we hadn’t been strolling more often across the parking lot whenever a table at Lotus is hard to score.

And a quick look at the menu show much more vegetarian offerings than your usual Thai spot (it’s the categories featured most prominently throughout), making this a haven for non-meat eaters.

Our meal: mee krob crispy noodles, todd mun, 2 pad Thais (not pictured) and the house special “Hot and Spicy Vegetables” were all flawless renditions of these classics of Thai cooking, and the bill, including tip, came to $67.

Just thought you’d like to know.

And for you Thai food fans, check out this article in today’s NYTimes about another couple of classic Thai/Laotion dishes: larb (rhymes with “Saab”) and green papaya salad.


In the Commercial Center

953 East Sahara Ave. # E-10

Las Vegas, NV 89102



4 thoughts on “KOMOL RESTAURANT

  1. Good call ELV. Had dinner there when LOS was packed. Not only was the food really good, we got a good feel for the neighborhood as there was a party of ten cross dressing men eating there. Quite entertaining!

  2. Every time I invite a particular friend of mine for Thai, when I get to choose I choose Lotus for lunch, but when he chooses we always go to Komol – his favorite Thai place. I can see why – their chili mint chicken is darn good.

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