This Just In – Shakeup at Wynn/Encore – Chefs On The Move

ELV has just learned that one of our favorite chefs — Marc Poidevin — is leaving the Wynn/Encore fold to move back to New York.

Poidevin moved to Las Vegas in 1998 to open Le Cirque in the Bellagio. In 2004 he left to become Head Corporate Catering Chef at Wynn, and jumped from that post to that of top toque at Switch when it opened late last year.

Poidevin will be missed, not only for his kitchen skills, but for his warmth, good humor and serious commitment to making Vegas a better food town.

Replacing Poidevin at Switch will be Rene Lenger — another talented toque who has manned the stoves at Country Club Grill since 2006.

Lenger’s spot at the CCG will go to Carlos Guia — former head of the Commander’s Palace kitchen, before moving to the ill-fated Louis’ and most recently, as executive sous chef under David Walzog at SW Steakhouse.

All of these moves will probably pay off for the chefs, restaurants and diners in the long run, but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss the sparkling presence of Mon. Poidevin as a member of our community.

It also means ELV will have no one to cook him tripe a la mode de Caen when those chilly November winds start to blow. Regardless, we wish him well, and will no doubt find him wherever he lands for more of his glorious food.

Au revoir and bon voyage Marc!

14 thoughts on “This Just In – Shakeup at Wynn/Encore – Chefs On The Move

  1. I’m so glad for Carlos Guia, ever since the unfortunate closure of Louis’s Fish Camp. Perhaps Carlos might add a little Cajun into the Country Club, like some fried alligator, ehh?

  2. Also, Boris Villatte, French Master Bread Baker at Wynn/Encore has left to open his own bistro/bakery in Massachusetts with business partner Philippe Rispoli formerly of Daniel Boulud Brasserie at Wynn.

  3. Chef Poidevin will be missed but as long as Desi Ecchavarie stays as Switch Som, I will gladly visit. Agreed it’s fantastic news for Guia, and one can only hope he’s able to get some of his character into the Club.

  4. I was huge fan of Chef Carlos Guia at CP and LFC. His Heirloom Tomato salad is amazing. See you at the Wynn Country Club…..

  5. Mr. Wong, Chef Guia, and the vast stable of other notable former CP chefs, are well versed in the balanced classic flavors of Creole cuisine, not to be confused with Cajun cuisine which is more rustic and, well, countrified. I hope Chef Carlos is allowed to bring some of Louisiana with him to the Country Club, and I hope it brings him and the restaurant great success.

  6. chef poidevin was forced out because switch was not living up to expectations after multi millions were spent to build it. Chef poidevin maintained a pompous non caring attitude you new he was doomed. But never fear you’ll be able to enjoy chef poidevins food for as long as chef lenger is chef at switch. The man inherited a menu at the country club and never made a change in 3 years. Chef lenger never has a fresh idea of his own. Chef lenger just stole his recipes from David Walzog. Chef Guia is a breath of fresh at the Country Club. Chef Guia has already begun putting his fresh ideas on the menu. Hes made more changes in 1 month than chef lenger made in 3 years. Chef Lenger is the only chef that runs a steakhouse and forgets to put steaks on the lunch menu

  7. Please..all of u brown nosers. I knew guia when he opened CP which he quickly sunk down the toilet. Now his next UNSUCCESFUL restaurant has closed.
    This shoemaker should quit the business. What a hack.! Good luck who ever decided he should have another chef`job.

  8. Whoa whoa kris. Know what you are talking about when it comes to chef carlos. Numerous awards even nominated for James Beard a few years ago. sorry guy you don’t get a nomination for being a “hack”. He is a tremendous chef, awesome guy to work with and a breathe of fresh air when it comes to workign with “real” people. CP didn’t close because of Carlos and neither did Louis’s. Don’t speculate, know what you are talking about. Sorry if have persoanl feelings about the guy, but don’t call him a “hack” or “showmaker” cause you don’t like him. He is a tremendous talent and a great friend.

  9. i wouldnt go as far to say tremendous talent!!!
    the food both at CP and Louies was NOT good at all. especially for a style of cuisine known for strong flavors, he couldnt even get his cooks to salt properly. every meal i have ever had at those establishment was bland, over priced and boring. and if you are the executive chef that falls under your umbrella so , yes he does get some blame to those failures.

    i have worked with all these guys, and the word hack certainly applies to all at one time or another!!!!!

  10. I have to agree that all these moves will definitely pay off for all. I was a bit surprised by Rochester’s commentary on Chef Lenger. I have eaten at Country Club plus most every top Steakhouse in the country and it was one of the best, if not the best steak I have had, and in Vegas, there would be no other. The menu was off the normal beaten path for a steakhouse with entrees that livened the palate and didn’t say “all we know is steak”. I can assure Rochester that Outback will continue to serve his favorite bloomin onion to go with his round sirloin (if it is exactly sirloin) and they will cook it well done. Just like Rochester says No Rules, Just Right.

  11. Where to begin, Where to begin. I am a very appealing fan of a very appealing restaurant, Country Club. Changes are always good and unlike Mr. Outback, Rochester, I adore Country Club and I remember how much changed with Chef Lenger started there. I will continue to be a patron but since I have enjoyed Chef Lenger so much over the years, Switch will be a change (get it switch change).

    Can’t we all enjoy a little “good” change and not attack (Rochester & LVFoodfan). If you see me out in Vegas, send a drink my way with a smile. :)

  12. In the 19 years that I’ve worked in the fine-dining industry in both NYC and Vegas, I’ve found that most people who focus their energies on the negative tend to have alternate agendas – fired waiters, jealous co-workers, etc., when the focus should really be all about the food. When it comes to Chef Lenger, it really is all about the food (have you ever tried his short-rib ‘flan’?…to die for…) Some may not like his style (European, classically trained, strict, etc.) but when it comes to what he puts in front of me – I am never disappointed. The most perfectly cooked and delicious piece of fish I’ve ever had was Lenger’s – at a steakhouse no less. I am excited to see what changes he makes at Switch and will always be a fan. (fyi: many of you might not know that a certain chocolate cake which has made one particular new steakhouse in town a lot of money is Lenger’s recipe) I’m excited to see what Chef Lenger will do next, and I wish Chef Guia and Chef Poidevin much luck and success as well. See you at Switch!

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