Hot Sake Babe Watch

Sake or no sake, Tiffany Dawn Soto is so sekushii, that every time we take a sip in her presence, all we can think of is: 彼女はイケテル (prounounced: kanojowa iketeru*) — and let’s face it who doesn’t!

So what if we still can’t tell a Junmai Daiginjo from a Django Reinhardt? It’s been a pleasure to have her take us by the taste buds and give us lessons in this most inscrutable of beverages over the past year.

And just as we were learning that a Ginjo ain’t no Honjozo…we hear she’s no longer at Sushi Samba to teach us these things.

All we can say to SS’s management is: Futsuu-shu** ….And to Tiffany, we’ll follow you anywhere.


* Translation: She’s one sakelicious senorita.

** Translation: Go soak your collective, cachaca-soaked heads in a bucket of mediocrity.***

*** Translation: She was about the only reason to go to Sushi Samba.

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