Dear Readers: We at ELV planned on doing a CJ’s v. Salt Lick ‘cue smackdown, but on two recent occasions have been put off by Salt Lick’s emptiness and weird hours (opening at 2:00 PM on Saturdays?). It has all the signs of some place that’s not sticking around, so we decided to highlight the superior ‘cue at CJ’s.

Quite frankly, we’d forgotten how good CJ’s is. Moist, peppery brisket (that we wish was a bit more peppery and a bit smokier), perfect chicken and righteous ribs (all for $17 including one soft drink), only served to remind us what a rip-off RUB was (is).

Skip the thick, dark sauce (that could be used to frost cakes in a pinch), and dip your meat into the vinegary, hot stuff.

Added bonus: jalapeno cornbread that you’ll want to eat lots of, and brisket chili spiked with those same jalopy peppers that takes a back seat to no bowl in town.

And did we mention the whole kit and kaboodle came to $17.22?


7865 West Sahara Ave. #104

Las Vegas, NV 89117




6 thoughts on “CJ’s TEXAS BBQ

  1. CJ’s is the real deal! The spicy sauce is perhaps the best Ive ever had. Dont care for the beans, but all tother sides are very good!

  2. It’s good, for Vegas BBQ. But it’s still not the real thing. Try going to any BBQ place anywhere in the Great State of Texas, and you will always have pickles, onions, and jalapenos to go with your meal. It’s almost unlawful to have BBQ without the three! When a place in town starts to offer these then I might have to rethink my statement. The best part of CJ’s is Big Red and Blue Bell Ice Cream!

  3. Re: #4 jason: What about TC’s Rib Crib…their meats taste like they’ve been frozen and thawed out. CJ’s has always left me wanting more. The only good thing I’ve had at TC’s is the baby back ribs and a few of their sides were good. At CJ’s, everything I’ve tried is tops.

  4. Used to have great beef ribs; replaced them them with something I’ve never seen before; not at all tasty…… good brisket and chicken. OK if you live in the neighborhood, but not worth a drive!

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