CIRCO New York

Interested to see how it compares with Vegas original…and interested in some Tuscan Spring lamb. ELV loves comparing Vegas restaurants to their New York originals…
Bread exceptional, olive oil — young, fresh and very peppery.

Wine (Nero di Casanova della Spinetta) –medium-bodied but a bit warm.

Spring soup with fresh peas might be the best (vegetable) soup we’ve ever had.

The food — baby lamb with artichokes and trippa alla Fiorentina (tender, infused with Parmigiano-Reggiano) is beyond good; the Maccioni’s taste in music — beyond bad.

Owner Mauro Maccioni told us they get some music service from Rome (Italy, not Georgia), that must specialize in ’70’s stoner rock, and 80’s one hit wonders. (Flock of Seagulls anyone? Anyone?)

That said, he took our good-natured ribbing like a man,

And we had a good laugh about it…

2 thoughts on “CIRCO New York

  1. Sounds wonderful ELV. Tell me some more about the flavor of the lamb, the cut served and how it was prepared.

    Hoping you are enjoying your luxury suite overlooking Central Park.

    Thanks again for the short, quick as they come, updates on your eats in New York.

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