Because nothing says “going green” like an organic, Earth Day martini

Rather than comment on this press release with the incisive snarkiness for which he is known, ELV will simply print it in its entirety….and allow its absurdity to speak for itself:

N9NE Group Commemorates Earth Day with the Organic Watermelon Sliced Martini

N9NE Steakhouse, the signature concept of N9NE Group, introduces the Watermelon Slice Martini, a unique organic cocktail to celebrate Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, 2009. Made with fresh organic watermelon, Square One Vodka, Blue Agave Nectar and Elderflower, the Watermelon Slice Martini serves as this summer’s ultimate thirst-quenching libation. N9NE Group and the Palms Casino Resort are green-conscious and actively seek opportunities to further their progress in sustainability and to reduce their impact on the environment.

…so that each of you may mock it in your own personal, private way.

3 thoughts on “Because nothing says “going green” like an organic, Earth Day martini

  1. Never has a 9 been so misplaced as it is in the name of this company. Looks more like “NoNE” than the intended “NiNE.” Wanted a reason to put that observation in writing for a while now. Thanks for posting this ridiculous attempt at looking earth friendly (if a green martini is the best you can do you should probably not admit it publicly) so I could do so.

  2. Neither are strawberries but I have some in my fridge – from Mexico I think. It’s not even the seasonality of this that is annoying – it’s the spirit behind it. Do generate PR for something is one thing, but to do it as thoughtlessly as this is another. Celebrate Earth Day by actually doing something good for the earth. If there was a seminar at one of this company’s establishments that discussed going green, global warming or another socially responsible topic that related with saving the earth and at said event they served this “organic” drink, then so be it. This is just a shamless way of trying to get publicity around an otherwise good cause. And poorly might I add – though we are discussing it now…so maybe their absurdity is actually working.

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