Alicia Shoots! And Pours!

Photos by Sheri Ann Forbes

It’s not because Alicia is so damn cute…

Or because she always remembers our name…

Or because these natural-light photos (courtesy of super-lawyer and uber-photographer Sheri Ann Forbes) are so phantastic….

Or because all the drinks at the Downtown Cocktail Room are hand-crafted wonders…

Or because you can walk there from our office….

That we decided to run these actions snaps of our favorite cocktail being made.

No, it’s because the Downtown Dill is a libation on a different level — a smooth, sharp and fresh take on the Bloody Mary that will take your breath away — that we posted these pics.

And because we’re thirsty.

1 thought on “Alicia Shoots! And Pours!

  1. I absolutely LOVE that drink and previously hated bloody marys. I’ve been a convert ever since.

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