CASA DON JUAN – Carnitas Para Dos

This plate of puerco para dos (roasted pork for two)……is one of four things to order at Casa Don Juan on Main Street in downtown Las Vegas.

The others are: shrimp diablo (that is mas diablo and muy caliente!), chilaquiles con huevos, and the mariscos cocteles (seafood cocktails).

The menu calls it a carnitas platter for two, but it really provides enough protein for four healthy adults, and is about as sweet, succulent and tasty as roast pork can get.

It costs $18.

Just thought you’d like to know.


1204 South Main St.

Las Vegas, NV 89104



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  1. couple of years ago. the biggest golden roach climbed out of a half empty chip bowl on our table at this spot. sad the food really is good. never returned.

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