Despite the closing of the more formal upstairs dining room at RM Seafood, the downstairs RM Cafe at Mandalay Bay continues to operate and is going great guns from our recent drive-bys of the place. The upstairs bar will continue to operate with a casual, small plates menu and the usual great beers, cocktails and wines that have always been available there.

Rick “Sustainable Fish Man” Moonen” assures us that the upstairs, more formal operation is only on temporary hiatus until things (read: the economy) loosen up, and he and Adam Sobel will be pouring their hearts into the bar menu (upstairs) and keeping the Cafe humming along.

(ELV regrets the wording of his original post that may have misled readers into thinking the entire operation had shut down.)

5 thoughts on “RM SEAFOOD Update

  1. I have been following the career of the young promising Chef Adam Sobel. Is it me or do dining rooms close or have some type of upheavel where ever he goes? Maybe it’s just bad luck. He seems to bounce around everywhere.

  2. I have also followed Adam’s career, at least as it relates to Las Vegas, and can’t think of a single dining room that has closed that he’s been associated with. If you are referring to Company American Bistro – that restaurant is still open last I checked. Granted they aren’t still preparing most of the menu Adam created – but I don’t think it’s closed. As for the fine dining room at rm seafood, I would bet my last paycheck that Adam will be part of the solution, not the problem. As for bouncing around – since 2003 he’s worked for Bradley Ogden, Guy Savoy and Rick Moonen (in addition to his stint as Exec Chef with Company). Not a bad list to learn from in my opinion.

  3. Rick and Adam are to of my favorite Chefs in LV…They will no doubt hit a home run with this new venture!…Good luck Guys!!!!

  4. Hey Joe – good to see your name up here. Hope the new place is doing well…I understand you’ll be opening soon!

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