Let’s try a little experiment, shall we?

All of you who have been defending IBO Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge (Whew!) in the comments section (and boy have there been a lot of you on both sides of the IBO fence), would you please hightail it over to Khoury’s on Ft. Apache, eat a meal or two there, and then tell us which one seems to making the more intense, interesting, well-spiced and well-cooked Mediterranean food.

It’s no contest.


6115 S. Fort Apache #100

Las Vegas, NV 89148





  1. In many experiences of dining out, this place had the most under-seasoned and over cooked food I have ever tasted in this town, it felt like I was eating at the dining room at one of the hotels on the strip. The pita was the best thing I had there all night. The oil and spices served with the bread was like Store bought submarine vinaigrette minus the vinegar and flavor. The Chicken Pita was looked like a grilled burrito from taco bell, and had undertones of fish. The lamb kabob lacked any and all flavor and felt like I was chewing on rubber balls. If this place is the pick to be the ‘poster child’ of Mediterranean Food in this town I suggest to look elsewhere. Eating Middle eastern food all my life, I’ve learned to love the intense flavor and this food was a huge let down. I’ve never felt the way I felt angry leaving a restaurant, but that’s what I was having to pay for a meal that was dreadful. Hopefully someone reads this and decides to taste their food and add salt and fix the flavor combinations.

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