The Worst Plate Of Food We’ve Had All Year

These “Kobe” sliders (served in the bar at Charlie Palmer Steak) were so bad they almost defy description, but ELV will give it a try:

The buns were stale, the burgers bland and overcooked to point of inedibility, and the fries so badly done you would’ve sworn someone threw them in the deep-fryer and walked away for a half hour, i.e., most were fried through and through to the point that there was no white potato visible — resembling a mass of thick, greasy canned potato “sticks.”

And did we mention the “sauce” that came with them was tasteless — straddling some innocuous emulsion-line between a mayonnaise, mustard, and thousand island mix not even worthy of Wendy’s?

Oh yeah, and the service wasn’t any great shakes either.

The whole horrible hash came to $15, and would’ve been highway robbery at half that.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Four Seasons Hotel

3960 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89119


15 thoughts on “The Worst Plate Of Food We’ve Had All Year

  1. I have read that kobe beef is difficult to prepare in hamburger form. I am not sure why, but I wonder if this has been your experience.

  2. It may be because it’s so fatty….and the dissolution of all that fat can cause it to steam from within, meaning: it needs a careful eye at the stove or grill to get it right. Charlie Palmer is too busy flying around the country to pay attention to such things and it shows…

  3. That logic would make 90/10 ground beef much “easier” to grill than a 75/25 ground beef, and that just isn’t the case. The 90/10 is much easier to dry out into a hockey puck. I don’t think that the meat is the problem, I think it’s the cook. I have had some very good (although I believe it to be bovine sacrelige) Kobe burgers at places, and can’t say I have experienced a butchering of the burgers like the one ELV describes.

  4. Okay so what’s deal with several sliders (even if they are kobe)? It seams like everyone is going to that. What ever happened to the “Dagwood” style burger. DB has one but calling that a burger is about like calling real kobe some sort of red meat.

  5. everything we tried to eat in las vegas was awful, we had burgers that were fried in a french fry deep fryer. we had banquet chicken out of the box that was passed off as hot wings, a brown salad, and a steak that was big, tough and tasteless. next we tried the chili cheese dogs, ours must have been cooked two days prior because the weiner was white. the buffet was just gross. i sure would like to know where all this great food is a lot of people brag about because all of our dining experiences was the pitts, i really wouldn’t feed that mess to my dogs.

  6. Rinda,
    I am sorry your dining experiences here in Las Vegas were not what you expected. However, our Wienershnitzel franchises are, admittedly, not the best, and as a whole our fast food burgers are about as horrible as in every city. And, yes, Applebees is still Applebees. As for the buffet, I wouldn’t recommend any of them, anywhere, for top flight food. Next time, drop Mr. Curtas, or any of his readers for that matter, a line before you come to town and we’ll all be happy to help you find the best food in any price range.

    The People Who Don’t Even Read The Blogs They Post On Police

  7. I ate at Charlie Palmer Steak once. I had one of the most perfectly cooked beautiful looking steaks (NY Strip) I have ever seen: perfect char, rested perfectly, perfect medium, hot plate etc.. It should have been perfect . However, it had almost absolutely no flavor at all. I mean NO flavor. My palate wasn’t blown; I didn’t down a martini prior nor did I just previously brush my teeth.. I remember thinking to myself how could such a beautiful looking creation have absolutely no flavor at all. It was a really strange experience. None the less, personally, for meat, I go to CarneVino they have the aging process down. One more thing, while I’m on the steak topic, I wish restaurants would stop putting butter on a steak to finish it. Let the meat speak for it self.

  8. For $15 it sure wasn’t Kobe. You can’t touch real Kobe in that quantity for under $100. Anyway, just because it’s in the Four Seasons doesn’t mean the chef is worth a @#$%. Try Tiffany’s in the old White Cross drug store on LV Blvd and Wyoming. Better food if you can handle the neighborhood.

  9. J.C., now that you’ve cataloged your reviews “by hotel”, I notice that the only review you have listed for The Four Seasons is for Charlie Palmer’s Steak and we’re in agreement on many of your negative points. You’ve missed the best restaurant in the hotel though… I regularly enjoy business lunches, cocktails with friends, intimate dinners and Sunday brunch at The Verandah restaurant at the Four Seasons, not to mention traditional tea in the afternoons. Being a local, I also enjoy the amazing amount of talent and man hours executive pastry chef Jean-Luc Daul and staff put into the magical gingerbread villages that adorn the lobby over the holidays with all proceeds going to local charities every year… Cheers!

  10. Have to agree with Mr. Chavez — Olives is a food factory that isn’t in the same league with its neighbors in the Bellagio (but English is laughing all the way to the bank…)

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