Letter Of The Week

In light of the comment to the last post that mentioned finding a cockroach in the dumplings, we thought we’d publish a follow-up letter of some months ago, illustrating the good that happens when an empowered diner makes the right sort of complaint to conscientious management. Whether this sort of approach (and remedy) would work in restaurants of a lesser sort is debatable, but still, our devoted dining diva did the right thing (in response to ELV’s usual unassailable advise, admonition and expostulation), and her experience might be instructive to diners of all stripes.

Dear ELV,

I wanted to get back with you with the resolve of my first, negative dining
experience at B & B Ristorante in the Venetian.

If you recall, at our first meal there we discovered a piece of metal in the gnocchi dish and overly salty food….along with a poor and insulting response to our complaints.

Per your recommendation, I spoke with Lori Lucente, the restaurant manager. She did invite me to revisit B & B in the future so they could make amends.

Unsure of exactly what the offer was for, last month my husband,
our friend and I ventured back into the Palazzo/Venetian.

Upon arrival, we were escorted to our table and told to order. They
offered and served several wines. It was an outstanding experience of
hospitality, service and an extraordinary epicurian experience. The
food was so much improved from their opening days.

I know we were pampered; but it appeared to be the service level of
the establishment.

The most delightful part was that the tab was entirely comped and I
believe by the end of our dinner after getting to know us they knew we
were not the kind of people to falsify our initial claim. Maybe you
can let other locals know that Lori and staff truly do care what the
locals experience is and should be all about.

With thanks,

Your Devoted Dining Diva Diane


Dear Quadruple D

Glad we could help. Very interested in what the blogosphere might say about your experience (and theirs) in matters of this sort….

Yours very truly,