Squash Blossom Summer Fun

imageIf you like seasonal eating — and let’s face it who doesn’t? — then squash blossoms should be on your radar about now.

Yes, squash blossoms, those vivid yellow flower buds from whence the tender gourd emerges.

What are they, exactly? Well, for one thing, they’re the reproduction organs of a plant that can have sex with itself? How cool is that?

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Letter Of The Week

In light of the comment to the last post that mentioned finding a cockroach in the dumplings, we thought we’d publish a follow-up letter of some months ago, illustrating the good that happens when an empowered diner makes the right sort of complaint to conscientious management. Whether this sort of approach (and remedy) would work in restaurants of a lesser sort is debatable, but still, our devoted dining diva did the right thing (in response to ELV’s usual unassailable advise, admonition and expostulation), and her experience might be instructive to diners of all stripes.

Dear ELV,

I wanted to get back with you with the resolve of my first, negative dining
experience at B & B Ristorante in the Venetian.

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