At The Wynn-ing Table With Steve And Elaine

As you’ll see from this Wynn Private Menu (pdf – new window),* the couple who gave Vegas its gastronomic pretensions have decidedly unpretentious appetites.**

Seems sort of a shame really, since they have everyone from Alex Stratta to Theo Schoenegger at their beck and call. (e.g., “Hey Schoenegger, can I get a goddamn egg white omelet up here for chrissakes! I’m hungry as hell and Kazuo Okada is breathing down my neck…”)

If ELV (and the fictional Mrs. ELV) suddenly changed places with the Steverino and his missus (in a post-modern, culinary Prince and the Pauper switcheroo sort of way) here’s how the instructions to our private chef would read:

Likes: Ortolans

Does not like: Beenie Weenies

Enjoys: Roasted fetal baby pigs imported from Ristorante Diana in Bologna, Italy.

Does not like: Pigs In A Blanket

Loves: Komodo dragon steaks a la The Freshman

Does not like: Tuna noodle casserole


– White truffles from Alba, Italy

– Black truffles from the Perigord region of France

– Belon oysters flown in fresh from Brittany daily

– Fresh butter from Neal’s Yard Dairy

– Jamon Iberico pata negra de bellota

– Hand-harvested Nantucket bay scallops

– Unpasteurized French cheeses

Does not like: Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches

Loves (and insists upon): A new chocolate creation every day from Fredric Robert

Does not love: Jello molds


* Whassup with the instructions: “Do not overfeed him. Control portion size.” What is the guy, a pet?

** Speaking of pets, after reading this, ELV (and the fictional Mrs. ELV) decided that being the Wynn’s personal chef must leave plenty of time for this.

6 thoughts on “At The Wynn-ing Table With Steve And Elaine

  1. Sheldon Adelson’s list is twice as long and 10 times more ridiculous. I dont understand why these casino owners and executives expect the “Roman Emperor” treatment from their terrified servants.

  2. That menu was very creepy. cut meat for him; control portion sizes? Gee, I wish I didnt know all that

  3. do they a fax on the yacht? the new paramour may need this. Add your own puns on cutting up the steak’n’kidney pie.

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