SETTEBELLO Opens In New Location – The Food World Rejoices

It was only closed for a little more than a week, but by the time Halloween rolled around ELV had a serious jones for the best pizza in town. The new digs are more restaurant-like, a little bigger, but just as cozy and welcoming as the old. The pizza oven is the sameĀ one owner Brad Otton had shipped from Naples over two years ago, and the pizzaiolos still turned out thin-crusted, smoky-charred beauties that have been known to bring tears to ELV’s eyes.

Just as satisfying (and more than a little surprising) was discovering seven artisanal, unique beers and ales on the menu. We say surprising because Otton, for all his good sense and good taste, doesn’t partake of alcoholic beverages (even chestnut-flavored, coriander-spiced, or triple-fermented sour ales….pity). But for the time being, he’s offering some of the most interesting suds of Italy. They’re not cheap — some run $35/750 ml bottle, but are a must-try if you’re a connoiseur of such things.

Here are some excerpts from the Vera Pizza Napoletana Charter (to show you how seriously the Italians take this stuff), and here are some tasty snaps.


140 S. Green Valley Pkwy.

Henderson, NV 89012