Desert Companion (‘zine) – Best Cheap Eats

If you shopped at Whole Foods in the past two months, and let’s face it who hasn’t?, you probably grabbed a Desert Companion magazine as you were leaving. Behind the hot chile pepper cover was an article by you-know-who, on where to find some of our town’s best ethnic (and inexpensive) eats. Here is the PDF of that article for your perusing pleasure.

FYI: You may be hearing big things about RAKU in the coming months…..the national food press has taken notice of our little Japanese gem (thanks to someone who needs no introduction), and universal recognition of its excellence may soon be forthcoming.

3 thoughts on “Desert Companion (‘zine) – Best Cheap Eats

  1. geez – very disappointing article ! Raku ain’t cheap eats ! It’s damn good, i’ll give you that, but it ain’t cheap ( strike that – the sapporo draft – great deal ! ) for mexican, i give La Mexicana high marks for what i term, an “indoor” taco truck – for some reason too many people compare to the michoacan’s, the ricardo’s of the world – that’s an unfair comparison.

    and the ‘Q ?!?! come on – you need to get off the cajun shack routine ! I’ll take Buzz over your “pet” place any day of the week ! granted, the sauce at Buzz is weak, the sides so-so, but the meat ?!? top notch. ALso, CJ’s has improved over the last several months. The brisket chili is very good! or how about the 2 for 1 sammies at Red Apple Grill – that’s some serious cheap eats and hopefully, you catch them on a good day ( i admit, they char the meat a little too much – but not always ! )

    What really bothers me ? you ignore some great banh mi shops in the Vegas Valley – it may not be at the level and price of Little Saigon in the OC or the valley blvd spots in Monterey Park, but there are 2 great spots that sell ther sammies at $3 !! Heck the rolls alone are almost worth the price of admission ! and don’t get me started on Pho !

    whew ! i’ve got more , but i’m too tired !

  2. Au contraire mon frere! Nhu Lan has gotten lots o’ love from moi! although three buck sammies aren’t anymore ELV’s bag than wine in a box.

    Will have to agree to disagree on Buzz — been twice — completely underwhelmed….fatty-tender-yet-dry brisket….so-so sauces..pedestrian pork….AND ELV REALLY wanted to love it…

    We’ll have to just agree to disagree on that one.

    FYI: Raku is as expensive or cheap as you wanna make it….stick to the non-meat items and you can eat well for very little…

    And where is La Mexicana?

    Merci beaucoup…..

  3. Sir John – stick to the non-meat items ?!?! You’re kidding, yes ? Sadly, i had to miss out on the foie gras selections in my last visit ( I couldn’t convince my dining partner to share in the experience .)

    La Mexicana – Decatur / Twain but given your comments about the beauty of a banh mi sandwich ( Nhu Lan is not in my top 3 of banh mi shops in LV ) don’t bother visiting La Mexicana – it’s clear you do not truly understand the concept of value. Boxed wine ? That’s kinda offensive. A freshly baked baquette, grilled pork, the fresh daikon,cilantro, carrot, peppers for a little heat, etc etc – partner, that’s an amazing sandwich for $3 ! I guess we have a different perspective when it comes to value.

    The tacos at La Mexicana are under $1 so i’m hopeful if you do partake, please, no reference to boxed wine, margaritas in a can or ??? If you do visit and it’s a warm day, walk over to the water store ( in the same strip mall ) and taste some of their ice creams at $1 a scoop. Don’t be shy, hang out with us common folk ( and please, no need to remind me of the “sacrifice ” you made visiting NE LV for a south of the border taste ! )

    Happy Eating !

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