Best Food Week Ever – Contest

In lieu of a more complete posting, accompanied by a number of snaps from Friday’s and Saturday’s James Beard Foundation’s Taste America Las Vegas festivities (that will be coming in the next day or two, along with the pithy, witty, erudite and tongue-in-cheek commentary for which he is known), Eating Las Vegas hereby offers the following reader contest regarding this pic: Can you tell us what these two guys have in common with this guy?

The prize: Lunch with ELV and an uber-babe to be named later.*


 An obscure clue to be sure….but nonetheless, a clue.

12 thoughts on “Best Food Week Ever – Contest

  1. They all like to stand with their arms crossed and/or have vision limitations in their right eye?

  2. Well, both Bat Masterson and Alan Richman served in the Army, but I’m afraid Norm Clarke was probably not allowed to due to the childhood injury which makes him so recognizable today. Both Bat Masterson and Norm Clarke spent time in Denver, but I can’t find anything that even implies Alan Richman has been anywhere but Quebec or New York for any period of time. They are all journalists, and have written about many of the same topics up to and including sports in some cases. They all have written about their own exploits and are very well known. I believe they all have journalism awards to their credit. I’m just casting out a net here. I still owe you lunch John, but will take another freebie if my net caught what you were looking for. BTW… Alan Richman is not easy to find information on, there isn’t even a Wikipedia page on him.

  3. As much as ELV appreciates the widely cast net….in order to partake of serious vittles with serious mega-babes, the answer must be correct and much shorter! ;-}

  4. To one degree or another, Alan Richman, Norm Clarke & Bat Masterson are/were adventurous & controversial columnists.

    That answer sounds rather vague, doesn’t it? ELV can be added to that group, ehh?

  5. Okay…we’re tired of waiting….as patience is not a virtue ELV holds in high esteem.

    Therefore, for having the closest answer to the truth: Which is: All three were sportswriters — (Norm! and AR began their careers that way, Bartholomew William Barclay (call me “Bat”) Masterson ended his as one).

    Name the day bwdining and lunch is on me.

    Congrats to the Beeg Weeeiner!

  6. Thanks for throwing me a bone on this one Mr. Curtas. But, it seems, this was not the answer you were looking for. What was it you were looking for?

  7. Just like the Dodgers and the Angels … close but no Freeway Series.

    It’s a wonderful prize just to eat with ELV’s uber-babe (Yeah!) … and ELV too, I suppose. ELV, you only have one uber-babe, don’t you?

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