MINUS 5 ICE LOUNGE under construction and opening soon

If someone told you a bar would soon exist in Vegas with a 3 drink maximum, having a 30 minute time limit per imbibing session, and invented and owned by New Zealanders, you’d think they were crazy, wouldn’t you?

Well, they’re not, but the Minus 5 Ice Lounge is (crazy, in a cool way)….and it’s destined to be one hot place very soon. These ice bars started in Auckland, New Zealand and there are 5 others in the world — two each in New Zealand and Australia, and one in Portugal. From what we’ve seen, 3 stiff drinks are just an aperitif to Kiwis and Aussies….but perhaps drinking at 23degrees F will cool even those blokes down under.

Entry into the inner sanctum will cost $30, which includes a parka-like coverall, and a short lecture on how to avoid frostbite. This might be tough since the tables, chairs, bar, and even the glassware will all be made of frozen H2O. Once inside, you get a timer around your neck to let you know when your half-hour is up. In that time, you’re allowed no more than three drinks of premium Champagne, vodka, tequila, and other tasty libations, before you’ll be asked to do more conventional drinking at the room temperature lounge on the premises.

There’s also an Ice Chapel in the bar (how conveeenient!) for weddings of the super-cool variety. Given the frosty reception ELV usually got from his future in-laws, this would have been the perfect place for one of his many matrimonials.

Opening is scheduled for next Friday, Sept. 26, in the Mandalay Place Shoppes (where the too hip for the room 55 Degrees Wine Bar used to be).

2 thoughts on “MINUS 5 ICE LOUNGE under construction and opening soon

  1. This particular branded restaurant may only exist in 5 locations, but like places that provide dining in the dark, it’s a trend that seems to be almost everywhere.

    Living in Salt Lake City, I don’t have to worry about an ice bar showing up here quickly, but I currently work in Amsterdam and they have an ice bar there. http://www.xtracold.com/

    I know of similar places elsewhere. I’ve not decided it’s worth the bother to get into. I’d rather stick with the old school weirdness of Willie’s — The Flying Dutchman.

  2. !!!WAY COOL!!! After my current five-month sabbatical dry-spell concludes with the taking of the February Cal Bar, I’ll dip into (hm???) this as my first bar back where I’ll chill out (pardon the entendres [I must the cite the BlogMaestro the credit He deserves!]).

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