Iron Chef America Viewing Party at Marche Bacchus – Coming Up Oct. 5

Tune in October 5th (a week from this Sunday night) at 9:00 pm PDT to the Food Network to see me and my fellow Food Network judges eat more (insert secret ingredient here) than any person should consume in a decade.

And if you’d really like to have some fun, join Robin Leach, NORM! and Channel 8’s Denise Valdez and yours truly at Marche Bacchus for a special Viewing/Dinner/Competitive Cooking Party starting at 6:00 that evening. Seating is limited, so call 702.804.8008 to reserve your chance to critique the critic critiquing (and eat and drink like a Burgundian Duke.)

Marche Bacchus Chef Jean-David Groff Daudet will be doing his own riffs on this ingredient in competition with a very prominent local chef whose identity (like the winner of the competition) we are forbidden from revealing.

Be advised: This may turn into a full contact battle of wits, so brickbats, bad puns and rotten tomatoes will be checked at the door. When the producers first sprang the “secret ingredient” on us in Kitchen Stadium, ELV must admit there was a bit of a letdown…..but the chefs — Iron Chef Michael Symon and David Adjey from Toronto — pulled off some stunning dishes.


2620 Regatta Drive #106

Las Vegas, NV 89128


3 thoughts on “Iron Chef America Viewing Party at Marche Bacchus – Coming Up Oct. 5

  1. See you there John. Who knows perhaps Ill do a surprise Sturgeon course of my own. Wild Quinalt River Sturgeon is on of the true treasures of the northwest…dont be fooled by lesser farmed substitutes.

  2. John-have fun at your party. I’ll be watching the show from a live satellite feed up North. Yes, the sturgeon is another one of the wondrous beauties that Mother Nature has blessed us with in my corner of the world. I’ve not had the pleasure of the Wild Quinalt River breed that Chef Varley refers to, but I’ve had many a delicious tastes of the Columbia River Sturgeon.

    Did Mr. DeMille grant you a close-up on camera?

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