Wine Spectator “awards” exposed as bogus

It seems the vaunted Wine Spectator’s Awards of Excellence are so bogus and bought and paid for that even restaurants that don’t exist are able to get them.

In this article by Robin Goldstein – author of The Wine Trials – she exposes the fraud behind these “awards” by showing how she submitted a made up wine list, from a non-existent restaurant, and garnered an “award” from the Wine Speculator – a publication long held in disrepute by serious oenophiles (although ELV has always liked some of its columnists, especially Matt Kramer.)

The most damning part of her expose is that the list she submitted for the “award” (plus the $250 she paid for it) contained nothing but low-rated Italian wines that she chose from the W.S.’s own ratings, including a number of wines rated in the 60’s and 70’s for the “restaurant’s” “Reserve List.”

Given the meretriciousness of the W.S., this amuses but doesn’t surprise ELV – or his staff – who also love to expose things whenever they can. We suggest you discontinue your subscription, tout suite, and read The Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, Steven Tanzer, or Robert Parker instead. Or watch Gary Vaynerchuck – one of ELV’s Friends In Food – whenever you need a wine fix.

2 thoughts on “Wine Spectator “awards” exposed as bogus

  1. This comes down to one simple question. Do they turn ANYONE away for an award? If no, the “Wine Spectator’s Awards of Excellence” is the Hollywood walk of fame. An honor you PAY for. Anyplace willing too shell out $250 is honored. Congrats!

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