BLT BURGER Health District rating wrongly reported

It was reported in the R-J on Thursday that newly opened BLT Burger had received a “C” Rating from the Clark County Health District. This was in error. According to The Official Number Two Son of ELV, who works at the aforementioned eatery, the restaurant proudly displays a well-earned “A” rating, and the mistake was due to an earlier, pre-opening inspection, listing demerits that were immediately corrected.

2 thoughts on “BLT BURGER Health District rating wrongly reported

  1. Thanks Mr. C, and Mr. C “2” for setting the record straight. And someone should send a package of ripe cowpies over to those goofs at the R-J. They should have checked their facts, again and again. Here’s hoping that they will realize the impact that this type of mistake can have on a new (or any) restaurant. Thanks for keeping them on the up and up!

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