ELV Brutally Attacked as Chefs Kickoff Uncork’d at Three Square!

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For all of the fun Vegas Uncork’d is for a local foodie, we would be remiss in our duties to our community and this most worthwhile charity, if we didn’t recognize its good works, and the donation of time and effort a number of notable local chefs made to help make sandwiches for the hungry as a kickoff for last week’s Vegas Uncork’d Presented by Bon Appetit.

It was all going soooo smoothly until David Werly, that heretofore amiable Alsatian, started channeling Andre Rochat (or perhaps Paymon) and brutally attacked ELV by attempting to strangle him, whilst a gaggle of gourmet talent stood by and…well…let’s just say they didn’t exactly LEAP to our defense.

Thank god Three Square Executive Director Julie “The Hammer” Murray was there to restore order and save our life.

And it was all because ELV tried to show Shawn McClain, Jean-Philippe Maury, Issac Carter, Martin Heierling and Rob Moore how to make a simple sandwich, but they just wouldn’t listen!

Geez Louise! We were just trying to help…

The good news is: no matter how…choke choke sniff sniff….bad the experience was, ELV is man enough not to go all Perez Hilton over it.

And he supposes a few meals at Le Cirque will be just the thing to soothe his shattered nerves.