THREE VILLAGES…vibrantly vanquishes voraciousness

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Take the old Champions/Taiwan Deli space in the Pacific Asian Plaza, spruce it up, expand the seating, and bring forth Shanghai soup dumplings and Jing Dong meat pies prepared to a fare thee well, and ELV will be at your door faster than you can say eight treasures in hot sauce noodle.

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Xiao Long Bao for Beginners

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Xiao Long Bao* or “little steamed basket dumplings” are more commonly called soup dumplings on this side of the Pacific. Their popularity has exploded ever since China MaMa opened its doors on South Jones, and took another great leap forward with Beijing Noodle #9‘s debut a couple of years ago. Amazingly, though, some folks have never been tutored in the proper way to enjoy them.

Like our friend Miles.

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