Expansion has killed more restaurants than bad food ever has. – ELV

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First, a little history. ELV’s office used to be a mile or so from Archi’s Thai original location, so he estimates he’s eaten there at least a dozen times over the years. Second, you should know a Thai client, whose name was something like Chaiyaanunt Krung­thep­maha­nakorn­amorn­ratana­kosin­mahintar­ayutthay­amaha­dilok­phop­noppa­ratrajathani­burirom­udom­rajaniwes­mahasat­harn­amorn­phimarn­avatarn­sathit­sakkattiya­visanukamprasit, took him there two times maybe five years ago, after swearing it was the best Thai in all of Vegas, and the only place “all the local Thai people go” — so ELV used to be impressed with its bona fides.

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BRATALIAN – More Tasty Snaps

ELV note: In anticipation of our review of Bratalian, coming up Thursday in the Las Vegas Weekly (, we thought some of our (slightly amateurish) tasty snaps would whet your appetite for the much better ones (and ELV’s lip smacking prose) that will appear in the ‘zine.

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10740 S. Eastern Ave. #155

Henderson, NV 89052