Rainy Afternoon at MON AMI GABI

On a recent rainy day, ELV decided to while away his time on the almost-never-empty patio of Mon Ami Gabi, with a bottle of Alsatian white wine, some onion soup, a plate of steak frites, and a little chickadee who adopted us because of our penchant for scattering crumbs as we eat.

There are a lot worse ways to spend an afternoon in our humble burg, and rain or not, the food and the people watching was as superb as always.

Just thought you’d like to know.


With a ground level view of the best tourist parade this town has to offer, Mon Ami Gabi also brings forth superior bistro fare practically 24/7.

With dishes like house-smoked salmon.

And trout Grenobloise (with lemon, capers and parsley).

And Otter Creek (WA) oysters that tasted like big, creamy kumamotos — some of the best bivalves we’ve had lately.

And addictive profiteroles.

And a wine list that won’t leave you gasping for air.