VEGAS UNCORK’D (Part Deux) – Thoughts, Reflections, and (even more) Tasty Snaps


If you want to turn any chef, restaurateur, or foodie in the world green with envy, try telling them you just spent the afternoon tasting new dishes at miX atop Thehotel at THE Mandalay Bay with Alain Ducasse — the only chef in the world with twelve Michelin stars.

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BLT BURGER on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

Yes, sports fans….we finally found a restaurant (and food) that KLAS anchor Dave McCann likes:

…although they stop the video before we can watch the big guy take a bite.

And even though we didn’t have time on the air to mention BLT Burger’s chili, Hugh Alexander Curtas (The Official Number Two Son of ELV), tells us the chefs took our former criticism to heart, and now it’s better than ever.

….And Again….

Part Two of Doc Sconz’s look at the Wynn has him prowling around the baking ovens with Boris Villatte; the second half of the dynamic duo that makes the breads and pastries there so superb.

Villatte is such a master of his metier, we generally throw caution to the wind and ignore the age-old adage: “Don’t fill up on bread.” whenever we’re within a stone’s throw of any Wynn restaurant.

ELV attended a private tasting of Villatte’s work a couple of years ago, along with uber-chefs Philippe Rispoli and Laurent Tourondel. When we questioned them about how (and why) Villatte’s breads are so consistently excellent (and what about his talent makes them so), Tourondel remarked: “It’s his training. It is so tough; he doesn’t know how NOT to make them (so) good.”

And Villatte’s fellow French chefs were as in awe of his creations as we are….