Talkin’ Malteds with Laurent Tourondel

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Über-chef  Laurent Tourondel was in town this week, checking up on his tasty burgers at BLT Burger in the Mirage, and we finally might have had a breakthrough with notre ami. Yes, after years of begging and pleading, we may have finally convinced him to put a malt on the menu to go along with his superior milkshakes.

Why malt, you say?

Because a milkshake without malt is like:

– foie without gras

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I’m ELV and I’m an Addict

Two of these men can cook, one writes about it.ELV in the throes of his addiction with two of his favorite dealers.*

(ELV note: Yours truly has a book in him that will probably never be finished or published. Here is one of the chapters.)

“Hi ELV!” is how all those twelve-step programs start, and then they sink into one maudlin account after another of each individual’s slide into personal oblivion. Here’s my story:

It started innocently enough, as all addictions do. In 1982 in Wheeling, Illinois. “The first one’s free,” said Jean Banchet – at the time the celebrated chef/owner of Le Francais (considered at the time the best French restaurant in America). Then, in 1983. Andre Soltner, the dedicated Alsatian running New York’s best French restaurant, made a personal appearance at my table at Lutece. “Just take another hit, no one will notice,” he purred. And so I did.

Oh yeah, and Jacques Pepin — he of the velvet delivery and oh so elfish countenance — he was one, insidious seducer as well. Maybe the worst of them all.

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