MILOS’ $20.11 Lunch Marks Vegas’ Return to Civilization

Restaurants are the last refuge of civilization on the planet – Guy Savoy

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“Ahhh civilization, ” is the first thing ELV utters whenever he finds himself on the streets of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Hong Kong, London, Rome (Italy, not Georgia) or Paris (France, not Tennessee). Civilized folks in big cities take time for a proper lunch. Not a sandwich standing up or a shitty salad bar or a cattle call buffet. A proper lunch. InĀ  a res-taur-ant if you have the time and money, or a cafe, bistro, trattoria, noodle or dim sum shop if you don’t.

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CRAZY PITA Still Crazy Good

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It’s no secret ELV loathes Henderson and Green Valley. From the confusing streets (“it’s at the corner of Sunset and Sunset”) to the boring houses, to the mind-numbing shopping centers to the utter lack of anything good to eat for twenty square miles, we avoid the Southeast side of town like we do monster truck rallies.

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