Jamaica Me Crazy, Mon

imageNow that the dog days of summer are upon us, we at ELV thought we’d change up our posts for the next month or so. Instead of tiring out your overheated and fatigued minds with lengthy articles exploring the nuances of a restaurant, a cuisine, a fabled city or a wine, we thought we’d concentrate on various favorite dishes we’ve tried recently, all in an attempt to spur you out of your humble abodes and into some of the tastiest plates Las Vegas has to offer.

Such as the jerk chicken platter (pictured above) at Tasty Island Jamaican Restaurant — as tasty a plate of yardbird as you can find in our humble burg.

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DW BISTRO – First Bites

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There’s a reason you (meaning: a meaningful critic) need to visit a restaurant more than once before publishing a review. And that reason is: sometimes one meal doesn’t give the proper measure of a place, or perhaps, even worse, you may form conclusions about the overall cooking based on a few dishes that the kitchen happened to do either especially well, or poorly that day.

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