ELV Gets Cheesed Off

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When a fellow critic says something truly idiotic (in print no less) along the lines of: “The cheeses at Morels are every bit as ripe and well conditioned as anything I’ve had at Robuchon or Savoy,” ELV has two choices: he can either let the stench of such know-nothingness hang in the air like the odor of sun-baked Limburger, or he can set the record straight (and, once again, call out the never-ending cheer-leading that passes for food reporting in our humble burg).

Guess which path we’re taking?

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The Cheesiest Thing We’ve Read All Year (that really curdled our hair)


“The cheeses here rival those at Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon.” – Max Jacobson (writing about the good-not-great selection of cheeses at Morels in SEVEN magazine)

In any käse, to make up for taste so bahhhd we Camembert it, we Gjetost thought you’d lait to Explorateur Stiltons of cheesy puns on KNPR-Nevada Public Radio.

So Leyden Caerphilly.