Charlie Trotter Instructs, Food Critics Listen, ELV Eats

When Charlie Trotter is in town and offers to hand-make a few creations at Bar Charlie, it doesn’t take much coaxing to get ELV there. As good as his tidbits were….we thought sticking around for The Full Monty was in order — especially since sommelier Des and bartender Jeremy were insistent, adamant, and wouldn’t-take-no-for-an-answer that we stay and taste some of their food and booze matches — not to mention Vannessa Garcia’s always-tempting desserts, a 1988 St. Emilion, and various insundry other wonderful things to eat and drink.

In other words, it was just another day at the office for ELV…..

Hot Hosts (and Hostess) Watch – Restaurant Charlie

Nicholas ain’t exactly ELV’s cup of meat, but according to The Food Gal and Julia Mandeville (The Official Fiance of Hugh Alexander Curtas — The Official Number Two Son Of ELV), he’s one cute and sexy dude.

And in the spirit of objectification for which he is known, ELV also features Carrie (a looker in her own right) and Ryan (yet another sexy dude — we’re told), all of whom manage and grace the front of the house at Restaurant Charlie.

James Beard Foundation Gala – Best Food Week Ever – (Conclusion)

The good photos are by Erik Kabnik, the rest are by Eating Las Vegas.

As you can see from the pics, Las Vegas’s Best Food Week Ever culminated with an auction to benefit the JBF. Unfortunately for auctioneer you-know-who (along with his plucky sidekick Alan (The Hitman) Richman), there weren’t enough high-rollers in the crowd to make ¬†things more beneficial for the Foundation. There were some punters (like Au Bon Climat’s Jim Clendenen — whose bids and contributions were greatly appreciated), but most just sat on their hands, despite ELV’s vociferous entreaties…And we’re not saying the crowd was cheap but:

>¬† After shaking ELV’s hand, most of them counted their fingers;

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