New York Stories

ELV note: As most of you know, ELV hearts the Big Apple. He lived just outside of it (in Danbury, CT) between 1985-1990, and never tires of its energy and its eateries. Below is a quick travelogue of our four days there last week, concentrating on — what else? — food and restaurants. Some misguided souls (like The Food GalĀ®) are under the impression there are things to do in New York City other than eat and drink, and for this they have our sympathies.

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Avec Alan Premiers!

Alan “The Hitman” Richman has done it again.

Trumped all of the nation’s food critics.

Beaten the French at their own game.

And made the world safe for lovers of obscenely impersonal, big box stores everywhere.

Yes, he cooked uber-French chef Eric Ripert (of New York’s Le Bernadin – widely considered the best seafood restaurant in America) a meal entirely from Costco (complete with frozen quiches), and actually got Ripert to admit the quality of the products (and Richman’s cooking) was good.

Ripert found the very idea of Costco offensive (as do we), but begrudgingly had nothing but good things to say about the products that went into his meal.

Next on Avec Alan: Bobby Flay is cooked a meal out of chalupas and Slim Jims — declares everything “too spicy.”