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To ELV readers: This was sent to us by good friend “Becky The Bartender.” It comes from a Facebook Forum for bitter (to say the least) waitrons and barkeeps. It’s sorta true and kinda funny and really long, but take it with a huge grain of salt with whatever margarita you’re having.

I WORK IN HOSPITALITY; I hate most people…
This is a group just for bitter BAR and generally all hospitality workers who wish to express their hate for rude customers! If you are sick of any of the following, feel free to join! And if you think of any other hates, add them! I’m sure you will!

*People waving their money at you/throwing it at you in the hope of being served before everybody else who has been waiting longer.

*People who take 15 minutes to remember what they need to order, while 100 other angry people are waiting to be served.

*People who order a round of 20 drinks, then dont have enough cash to pay for them…. then you have to wait for them to get cash out or put it through on credit while the 100 other angry custmers get even more impatient. CREDIT IS A BITCH! it takes too long!

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He Was A Great Chef As Chefs Go, And As Chefs Go, He Went

Jean-David Groff-Daudet is no longer at the stoves of Marche Bacchus. Jean Paul Labadie is the restaurant’s new Executive Chef.* Labadie previously worked in various Emeril (Has He Jumped The Shark Yet?) Lagasse’s restaurants — including Emeril’s (New Orleans), Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House (MGM Grand) and most recently, Table 10 (Palazzo).

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