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Lawyers Aren’t Supposed to be Rich

Lawyer, n. One skilled in the circumvention of the law. – Ambrose Bierce.

Two recent suicides of fellow members of the bar have gotten ELV to thinking….and no, it didn’t hurt. Those deaths — of attorneys David Amesbury and Nancy Quon — were the fourth such deaths related to, or springing from, an ongoing HOA scandal that involved lawyers (like Quon and Amesbury) soliciting homeowner’s associations as clients,  packing the boards of those association with “owners” whom they controlled, and then funneling construction defect work/repairs (and the attendant kickbacks) to contractors they were cozy with.

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Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Fat doesn’t make you fat, fructose does. This medical fact is becoming painfully clear to the public, but there has yet to be a full-scale revolution against the corn and sugar lobby (and Big Food) to reject what all this cheap, easy to love, processed sugar has done to our collective health.

Click here to listen to Dr. Robert Lustig on NPR’s Science Friday yesterday, or if you have the time and interest (and you should!), watch and listen carefully to the lecture below. If you do, you’ll never pick up a can of soda the same way again.

Time Worn and Treasured – Toasting on KNPR

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ELV note: We recorded this at KNPR in December, 2004, and you can listen to us perform the script in the mellifluous, whimsical and melancholy tones for which we were known by clicking on the link below. Happy New Year 2012!

You’re Toast!

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Happy New Year, Great Saturnalia, Season’s Greetings or Yumpin’ Yule– however you celebrate the shortest days of the year, I’m sure food (and especially drink), has a lot to do with it. And since all holiday celebrations begin or end with a toast, I thought some information about how all that clinking of glasses came about, might be fun, and provide some good conversation fodder should you find yourself trapped behind a punchbowl with nothing witty to say.

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