You Know You’re An Old Vegas Foodie If…

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You know you’re an old Vegas foodie if you remember:
The Green Shack
The Swiss Cafe
The Alpine Village Inn
The Hilltop House
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Larry’s Villa (the steakhouse, not the toothless stripper joint)
Ferraro’s when it was trimmed in pink neon
Nora’s when it wasn’t any wider than an SUV
Chateau Vegas when it was a mob hangout
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Hugo’s Cellar when it was cool
The Golden Steer when it was good
When you first ate a Capriotti’s “Bobbie” (probably around 1996)
When the Rio Wine Cellar was run by a weird-ass Brit named Barry Larvin
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Don the Beachcomber
Morton’s and Palm being our two best steakhouses
When there were only 3 sommeliers in the entire town
Little Joe’s BBQ joint at Plant World
Cosmo’s Underground
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Hamilton’s Cigar Bar
Taco Cabana’s roof caving in
The House of Lords
Nick’s Supper Club
Lillie Langtry’s and its carved wood interior:
That’s Italian – which barely was…since it was owned by a smarmy Frenchman who smothered everything in cream sauce
When Andre’s was the coolest place in town
Nicky Blair’s
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Bob Taylor’s Ranch House… when you had to look for the blue light
Pamplemousse when it was a celebrity hangout…not a tourist trap
The Monte Carlo Room at the Desert Inn
Dickinson’s Wharf
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The Dome of the Sea….with a moveable harpist!
Commercial Center when it was crawling with decent restaurants….a dozen of which were Asian, with 4 Korean joints in the middle of it all
The Venetian being where Herbs & Rye now is located
Prepare to eat, prepare to DIVE:
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 The original Bacchanal Room
Piero’s when the chef was actually named Piero
The Palace Court when Burt Reynolds hobnobbed with men in leisure suits:
Finally, you really know you’re an old Las Vegas foodie if you remember…
Women in helmet hair dining with men in tuxedos in a purple fern bar:
Image(The Imperial Room at the LV Hilton)
Many thanks to Classic Vegas for many of these tasty Vegas snaps.

2 thoughts on “You Know You’re An Old Vegas Foodie If…

  1. I can’t believe nobody remembers “the Flame” steakhouse, mid-Strip. Great Old Vegas, adults restaurant.

  2. I remember the Flame when it fed us kids for free in the wee hours. The alternative, I was told, was to throw it out at closing. So, yes, free food. Prepared and served real fancy. Those days are long gone.
    I even remember Alias!! Alias, Smith and Jones, again in the wee hours, when the “show kids” would converge on it. Twain near Paradise.
    I never ate at Johnnie’s Food Factory nearby, but I remember it. And his brother Tony, whose son, Vinnie, gave me Tony’s telephone when he and his mother, Nancy, finally moved out of the hood.
    Yes, I remember Don The Beachcomber, a favorite on Prom night. During the day it was always the Sahara coffee shop downstairs.
    And Bob Taylor’s Ranch House, always a rare treat because so far away and so hard to find.
    I even remember Louis Prima and Keely Smith’s Black Magic, way out in the boonies, now a corner of Paradise and Tropicana, but I was just a kid and mom never took me there.

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