Hot Hostess Watch – Macy at ITSY BITSY

Itsy Bitsy may be the strangest name for a restaurant in Vegas.

And a nonsensical moniker isn’t the least of its challenges, meaning: the concept (a ramen/whiskey shop) and the location (on the ground floor of the Ogden) also gave us pause.

But one look at Macy and all sins were forgiven.

Macy will happily give you a quick tour of the long and slender space, and you’ll notice that things have vastly improved since the (ugh!) vegan pizza disaster left the premises. For one thing, there are actual paying customers in the joint who seem to be enjoying themselves, unlike the last crowd who always seemed to approach their plates with the dread of an habitual criminal at a sentencing hearing. (Having tasted vegan pizza one too many times, we felt their pain.)

Vegans are a dour, depressed and disgruntled lot to be sure (you would be too if you sentenced yourself to that kind of palate purgatory), whereas ramen attracts a different kind of crowd — young, budget-minded and convivial — so you feel better about this place the minute you catch its vibe…and a glimpse of Macy.

She’s almost enough to make a man forget about vegan pizza forever.



150 Las Vegas Boulevard North Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV 89101