Hot Hostess Watch – MARCHE BACCHUS

Lindsey knows the real object of our attention is focused on the wall of fabulous Burgundies behind her.

And her smile says nothing less.

But she also made us promise to praise those plethora of  palate-pleasing pinots that present perfectly with Pellegrini’s pastas. (As in Luciano Pellegrini – the new consulting chef at Marche Bacchus.)

“With pleasure,” we pithily pleaded. And with that, she pleasantly permitted a second propitious picture to be promulgated.

So perplexed and propelled were we by her pulchritudinous petiteness and pluck (and the probity of those pinots and the persistence of her petition), we decided not to prevaricate, and instead, publish the pair.

For this, we politely applaud her permission.

Merci beaucoup and grazie mille, Lindsey!