“In the lexicon of lip-smacking, an epicure is fastidious in his choice and enjoyment of food, just a soupçon more expert than a gastronome; a gourmet is a connoisseur of the exotic, taste buds attuned to the calibrations of deliciousness, who savors the masterly techniques of great chefs; a gourmand is a hearty bon vivant who enjoys food without truffles and flourishes; a glutton overindulges greedily, the word rooted in the Latin for ‘one who devours’. … After eating, an epicure gives a thin smile of satisfaction; a gastronome, burping into his napkin, praises the food in a magazine; a gourmet, repressing his burp, criticizes the food in the same magazine; a gourmand belches happily and tells everybody where he ate; a glutton embraces the white porcelain altar, or, more plainly, he barfs”. – William Safire

If we had to define the local food writing establishment, we at ELV would classify Max Jacobson as a the ultimate gourmet (may his palate and wit return sometime soon), Heidi Knapp Rinella as a gastronome, and Brock Radke and Jim Begley as gourmands.


What are you?

6 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. I would frankly classify myself as a “Schmuck”! Because I continue to enter these establishments seeking out the finer bill of fare our burg offers and continue to pay some of these ridiculous prices for the food and beverages these den’s of gastronomic wonder offer! I agree that you ELV belong to the Association of Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants(AOTA)! ELV continues to offer his expertise in the activities of daily living involving the feeding, eating and swallowing performance of individuals across the life span in Las Vegas! Please continue your work in good health.

  2. I don’t think I can fall into one category – I’d go with gourmet glutton, though puking ain’t my style…never had the need. :-)

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