Chefs on the Move! On KSNV TV Channel 3


Alex Stratta takes over Elements Kitchen & Bar: Can he resuscitate a moribund location known for its under-performing kitchen?

Luciano Pellegrini becomes top toque at Marche Bacchus: Will he turn this floundering fan favorite into a top trattoria?

Wilfried Bergerhausen moves to Le Cirque: Will “The Circus” see more currywurst? We doubt it, this kraut may look like a kid, but he has major chops.

Angelo Sosa poops out at Poppy Den: Interesting food plus terrible service just couldn’t cut the mustard at Tivoli Village.

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  1. On Marché: What gives? I realize it’s been around for awhile, but it really seems to have its ups & downs. (Several occurred during the 5 years I lived in Vegas.) anything you can think of, John?

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