Hot Hostess Ary Wonders Where CARSON KITCHEN Will Be in the 50 Essential Restaurants of Las Vegas?

ELV note: We temporarily take a break from our Top 50 countdown to bring you Aryanna of Carson Kitchen. This is Ary’s second appearance on Eating Las Vegas, and if she keeps bringing her high level of hostess professionalism to restaurants we love, it will not be her last.

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Like ELV, Aryanna looks askance:

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….at those who use this Web site to self-promote or grind personal axes.

But unlike George (one of our most astute and valued “regs”), we can’t quite bring ourself to dismiss the whiners and half-wits entirely:

John, you should ban these Yelp tards from the site. Particularly when it’s someone who appears to be riding on the coin of his high roller friends and not the one who’s paying. He didn’t even comment about the food or wine, just whined. Personally, I’ve always had a great meal at Carnevino and B&B.

Our underlying mission has always been to incite informed conversation about good food. As long as there is even a modicum of substance to a comment (however slight) we will let it stand. Our only inviolable rule is: No Witless Profanity.

Even Yelpers (poor, merit-less, opinion-holders that they are) are welcome.

Spammers, however, are not. People who spam other people’s Web sites should be shot on sight (figuratively speaking).

There, I said it.