ELV Note

Despite what the marketers and free magazines are telling you, this is a very slack time in the Las Vegas restaurant world.

Until the SLS Hotel opens later in the year, or someone decides to open something other than a taco stand or pizza restaurant downtown, there is precious little ground to cover that we haven’t written about extensively over the past six years — to say nothing of what we’ve done over the past nineteen.

Accordingly, we’ll be posting a weekly article (usually around mid-week) on this site about one of our recent meals, but we’ll leave the fawning, fatuous coverage of Bobby Flay’s upcoming burger joint, and other sundry non-events to those who are trying to sell advertising.

As our loyal readers know, the only thing ELV is selling is your guide to better taste.

3 thoughts on “ELV Note

  1. Any news on the Bartollotta remodel or how the restaurant’s cuisine has held up? I’ve heard Chef B no longer resides in Las Vegas. It has been one of our Vegas favs. Thank you.

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