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ELV Apologizes…..for the Delay in the Johnnies
ELV intended to have the final installment of his “Johnnies” awards done before the end of the year. i.e. yesterday.

Unfortunately, a nasty chest cold started worming its way into his upper thoracic cavity on Tuesday, and he’s been laid up in bed for the past two days.

As soon as he can type without sneezing, coughing and phlegming¬† all over his keyboard, he’ll wind up the 2013 calendar year.

4 Responses to ELV Apologizes…..for the Delay in the Johnnies

  • Hope you feel better soon, good sir, and while the hot toddy may have no legitimate therapeutic quality, I believe it to be an adequate placebo when I’m afflicted with same.

  • I have never wished harm on anyone, but with true conviction I can say should have been you instead of Max, Vegas would be cheering!!!

  • Diamond,

    It is truly difficult to comprehend how empty one’s existence is when they take the time to make a comment such as yours on a public forum. But I guess in the murky waters surrounding the bottom of the behavioral sink there is a peculiar darkness that most of us will never know.

  • Another butthurt Yelper, perhaps?

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