This Just In: Middleton Moving to Boulud; Stratta Returning to Marche Bacchus

Jeff and Rhonda Wyatt will announce tomorrow that Executive Chef David Middleton will be leaving Marche Bacchus to accept a position as a chef with a very famous, New York-based icon of French gastronomy, who may or may not be named Daniel Boulud, who’s very, very French and very charcuterie-centric outpost  may soon be coming to the Venetian.

Middleton will be departing the Desert Shores destination in mid-January, at which time Alex Stratta will reclaim the title of top toque in this kitchen. According to the Wyatt’s, Stratta will be launching a new menu soon, and will continue to serve as the grand fromage and consultant to the restaurant even after a replacement for Middleton is found.

Translation: Stratta will continue to lend his considerable chops to the menu, and maintain the exec chef title, even after they find a Chef de Cuisine to run the day to day operations.

2 thoughts on “This Just In: Middleton Moving to Boulud; Stratta Returning to Marche Bacchus

  1. doesn’t matter if they don’t fix the service, I know this is one of ELV’s favorites but until they get a superb service staff it will never be a Great place.. Its nice for the view and the wine selection is fantastic, they only need sincere steps of service and it could be grand.. so for 7 months of the year Ok cool, Nice..very nice people that own it..They are just to close to see and they need an outside perspective on what really matters.. The people that create the following , the people that are proud and brag to work there .. People that care and take an ownership mentality .. I am sure with the holidays and the cold weather its hard to keep a great staff, maybe bring up the wages, pat on the back, a holiday dinner for each staff member.. I have never ran into a server that said I work there.. AND I for one think it could be one of the best Vegas has to offer.. Great owners, very cool concept just needs that extra uumppphhh ..

  2. Same issue with Hops… love the family but owners don’t get it !… its not just the food.. YOU need sincere people who care and want to not only to prosper for themselves but the restaurant.. Build a client base, care and not be just a job..
    I am a old relic of Vegas, old school..but it works.. If people feel special they will come and spend their hard earned dollars, if they feel like a number they will not..
    I love the Bradley Family and we sent everyone there.. its a shame.. love me a Ogden..

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