Where Oh Where Have You Been Hiding ELV?

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Where oh where have you been hiding ELV?

Behind plenty of Hot Hostesses to be sure….like the lovely Jessica at Nob Hill Tavern.

We’ve also been busy on a variety of projects on different media platforms (is that vague enough for you Mancini?), and have had to let our little old blog suffer for the time being.

Beyond that, we can tell you no more.

Stay tuned though, as there are big things afoot for ELV.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to stand firmly behind the comely and concupiscent Jessica (for as long as she’ll let us):

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…and will resume reporting on the Vegas food scene (if there’s anything to report, which there hasn’t been) after Labor Day.

7 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Have You Been Hiding ELV?

  1. Congratulations, ELV! I look forward to watching this media masterpiece. I wish you both continued integrity and ratings success, but if it comes down to it, one is easier to fake than the other.

  2. ELV on TV on a regular basis?? Nice.

    Your show will be ahead of Bourdain’s on my TiVo’s Season Pass list.

  3. Hey ELV come out and play motherf*** — you’ve got a face made for radio—- why don’t you stuff another waffle up your a$$- and whistle dixie——–

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