Hot Hostess(es) Watch – Danielle and Jenna at NOVE

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Whenever ELV is in need of gazing upon the lovelier aspects of our humble burg, a hot hostess snap, or just a general spirit picker upper, there are some restaurants that satisfy quicker than Kim Kardashian in an NBA locker room.

NOVE is just such a restaurant…as are Simon, Scarpetta and a precious few others.

We stopped by the other night to sample some of Geno Bernardo‘s cicchetti (small plates) and ended up sampling a few photos of Danielle and Jenna.

As pleasing to the eye as all of these were, they weren’t the only impressive sight at NOVE.

It seems they’ve recently opened up the dining room and removed the booths that lined the north wall — now giving diners and unobstructed view of the spectacular Strip 64 floors below.

Long overdue, we think, and from how busy Danielle and Jenna were seating people in the middle of last week, it seems quite a hit with the public as well.

Or maybe it’s because the view of the city is now on par with the view at the hostess stand.

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