Well, that didn’t work….


Effective July 23, Switch in Encore will be closing.

When it opened five years ago, the p.r. wags couldn’t wait to tell ELV that its signature (insert one: stupid, tacky, declassé, ridiculous, overwrought, wasteful, useless, bizarre, distracting, nouveau riche, unappetizing) moving walls cost Steve “Mr. Macau” Wynn $40 mil.

To which ELV could only say: “For what?”

When all that switcheroo decor didn’t pull them in, they changed it to (what else?) a steakhouse.

Those walls stand (and rose) as living (soon to be dead) proof that even over-the-top design can be overly absurd, even by Las Vegas standards.

Goodbye Switch…the very idea of you always offended us. Your very Vegas blend of hubris, bad taste, arrogance and too much easy money lying around makes you, forever and always, the ne plus ultra of excessive (and just plain dumb) restaurant design.

ELV will miss neither you, nor your food nor your cheesy moving walls for even a second.

40 million dollars for a f*cking restaurant?

Someone should’ve been shot.

But knowing the Wynn, they probably got a raise.

6 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t work….

  1. Not to worry, the Wynn empire survives by charging $18 for a glass or orange juice delivered to your room. Oh, and there’s the $10 delivery charge and the $10 gratuity added on the bill. Oh, and there’s the $5 tip the unsuspecting Rube gives the waiter. That’s a $43 glass of blood orange juice squeezed out of a turnip.

  2. The newer breed of High Rollers eat at DimSum places on Spring Mountain Rd.. On a clear day you can see them walking along Spring Mt. Rd to avoid the cab fare. They are not stingy, cheap and frugal but penurious, but most of the High Rollers, wouldn’t know what I am writing about.

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