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Nectaly Mendoza Crushes It

Nectaly speaks softly...but swings a big mallet

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It’s called a Lewis bag and Nectaly Mendoza — owner, overseer, chief bartender, master mixologist and head bottle washer at Herbs & Rye — has a big one and he’s not afraid to use it.

The point of the Lewis bag (that were originally coin bags used by banks) is the heavy canvas wicks away the moisture while you’re crushing the ice, leaving a nice, cold pile of rubble with which to mix superior cocktails.

And superior cocktails are just what’s shaking at H & R — all elaborated on a new menu replete with groovy-cool 19th Century graphics and descriptions.

From what we saw the other night, the food offerings seem to have improved as well, meaning: we’re looking forward to a re-match with a menu that defeated us when the place opened two years ago.

Regardless of edibles, the drinks here are nonpareil, and between the luscious libations, the Fernet-Branca on tap, and watching Mendoza crush ice like  Professor Jerry Thomas, H & R is a bar every serious booze maven needs to belly up to.

Just thought you’d like to know.


3713 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89102


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  • My girlfriend and I eat at H&R about once a month. I haven’t noticed a change in the menu (it may have happened before we started going 5 months ago), but all I can say is they have the most amazing Happy Hour deals for dinner.

    A 9-oz filet is normally $34, but most of their steaks are half-price during Happy Hour. Where else can you get an incredible 9-oz filet for $17 with a side?? This place is one of the best “hidden gems” in Vegas.

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