Eating Las Vegas Turns 4!

To paraphrase Jay Louis: Four years in internet years is like sixty-seven in human years and two hundred and forty in Lohan years.

Therefore, in celebration thereof, we at ELV:

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…as well as our co-founder, spiritual muse and chief executive officer:

[imagebrowser id=1628]

…along with the rest of our staff:

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….and ELV and the Food GalĀ®:

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…want to thank all of our loyal readers:

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…for making the past four years such an alimentary adventure.

2012 is shaping up to be quite eventful for yours truly (it IS the Year of the Dragon after all, and we WERE born under the sign), so who knows what announcements will be forthcoming from this site!?

In all seriousness, we wouldn’t spend the stress and the time and the calories putting out this product were it not for the beautiful, impassioned, obsessedĀ  feedback we get from you.

All any blog or website is trying to do is to start a conversation about a topic among those who are as crazy about it as the blogger, and we are very proud that that is exactly what we have done over countless hours pecking away at these keys.

In other words: We live for your comments, arguments, opinions, disagreements (and occasional flattery), so keep ’em comin’!

Like a freight train.